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Presentation length is 15 minutes maximum, to allow time for the speaker’s introduction and question period. The full presentation time slot is 20 minutes.

Please use the presentation template provided, and 16:9 format (not 4:3).

Please upload your presentation (in .ppt or .pdf format) at the link below by July 17, 2022.


If you do not upload your presentation using the link above by July 17, 2022, you must upload your presentation in the Speaker Ready Room on-site at the Sheraton Centre. To ensure a smooth conference experience, plan to upload your presentation at least four hours before your assigned presentation time, and preferably the day before.

Please note: you will not be able to insert a USB into the laptops in the breakout rooms.

Speakers’ Breakfast

On the day of your presentation, you (or your designated presenter) are invited to attend the Speakers’ Breakfast, so you can meet your session chair, who will pass on any last-minute instructions regarding presentation schedules that day. It will be helpful if you bring along 2 or 3 sentences about yourself that the session chair can use for your introduction.

Please note: It is critical to keep concurrent sessions running on time to enable delegates to move from one session to the next. Presentations will occur at the time scheduled and will not be moved ahead or adjusted.

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